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Chocolate Mints

There are few flavors that complement each other as nicely as mint and chocolate; the refreshing taste of cool mint candy combined with the sweetness of chocolate is an almost unbeatable combination.

  • All Natural Original Thin Mints are a dark chocolate candy with a smooth tasting mint filling. These Haviland mint chocolate treats make the perfect after-dinner snack and are also great as a dinner party gift.
  • All Natural Orange Thin Mints combine a smooth, all-natural chocolate coating with delectable orange creme filling and just a hint of minty flavor.
  • All Natural Raspberry Thin Mints perfectly marry a delectable raspberry creme filling with the all-natural chocolate you can expect from Haviland products.
  • All Natural Double Chocolate Thin Mints combine a smooth, all-natural 63% dark cacao chocolate coating with delectable chocolate creme filling and just a hint of minty flavor.

Lozenge Mints

Our Canada Mints candies debuted in the late 1880s and have been amassing a loyal following in the United States since the early 1900s. Today, they remain a favorite sugar lozenge mint candy.

  • Canada Mints were originally released in Canada. These refreshing mints have a peppermint taste and are perfect for any occasion.
  • Canada Wintergreen Mints come in an attractive pink color; a great treat for Valentine’s Day!

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