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Bulk candy chews

If you have a soft spot for candy chews, the New England Confectionery Company offers some of the most loved chews from the last century. As the oldest multi-line candy manufacturer in the United States, we are the experts when it comes to nostalgic candy. Whether you crave a unique flavor like the Banana Split Candy Chews or a retro classic like Mary Jane original, we have a flavor for everyone.

Nostalgic Candy

Much of the bulk candy chews listed below have been around for more than 100 years and are still America's favorites:

  • Squirrel Nut Zippers – Chewy caramel bars mixed with peanuts, named after an illegal drink during Prohibition.
  • Banana Split Candy Chews– Bite-sized soft and chewy taffies loaded with banana split flavor.
  • Mary Janes – Molasses flavored taffy candy with a peanut butter center, named after a favorite aunt of the owner of the original manufacturer – Charles N. Miller.

Buy NECCO Candy

Finding our retro candy was difficult and time-consuming for many until we unveiled the NECCO online store. Now you can surf your way to our timeless NECCO classics and relive all of the childhood memories that go with them. By shopping with us, you’re coming directly to the source for the best pricing and superior stock availability. This is the place to get all of your retro candy favorites delivered right to your doorstep.