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Cancellation Policies

We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line products and hope that all our customers find items that delight their sweet tooth! We realize, though, that in certain instances, a customer may like to alter an order or cancel it altogether. We are happy to accommodate most reasonable changes.

To start the cancellation process, you must contact a customer service representative at NECCO as soon as possible, as we typically process all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.

  • You must contact a customer support staff member by phone during business hours.
  • Once an order begins processing from our distribution center, it cannot be cancelled nor altered. Please see our Returns section for all questions regarding returns and exchanges. 
  • All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • All cancellations are subject to a $39 cancellation fee per shipping location.
Once a NECCO representative authorizes a cancellation, we will credit your payment account within 7-10 business days. Please contact NECCO if you have any additional questions regarding our cancellation policies.
Please note that although we cannot guarantee a cancellation will be processed, our customer service members will try their best to accommodate certain cancellation requests.